Wednesday, Nov 26, 2008

Count Your Writing Blessings

With Thanksgiving only a day away, I’ve been pondering the many blessings I have experienced particularly in the area of writing. Here are some of them: 

1) Attending my first writers’ conference in St. Davids, PA, and taking a writing workshop in light verse with Sonia Fries, a workshop I did not want to take but which opened the door to my first sale. 

2) Receiving a miraculous first acceptance by The Saturday Evening Post that confirmed God’s call on my life to write and that launched my writing career. This resulted directly from Blessing #1. 

3) Attending Marlene Bagnull’s monthly workshop at the Rosedale Church where I learned the basics of the writing craft and studied under a phenomenal writing mentor. 

4) Winning the third place $4000 award in the AMY Writing Awards Program, a blessing that connected me to one of the most Godly men I have ever met, Mr. Jim Russell, founder of The AMY Foundation. 

5) Meeting so many wonderful writers who have become lifelong friends. If I start naming them, I will surely miss some. 

6) Receiving the continual support of my husband and children as I pursued my writing dream. 

7) Finally having editors call me to offer assignments, something that early on seemed impossible. 

And now I invite you to list your writing blessings and to share them with us. 

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my precious Power Writing friends!




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4 thoughts on “Count Your Writing Blessings

  1. Hi MaryAnn –

    I’m thankful to the Lord for giving me enough success to motivate further efforts. He also surrounds me with talented people, who keep me from getting a big head.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Susan 🙂

    November 26, 2008 at 7:52 PM

  2. Wow, how cool is that, to get a first acceptance from Saturday Evening Post! And also to win $4,000 from the Amy awards! Fantastic! Way to go. I’ll bet those were such exciting moments for you.

    Probably my biggest writing blessing (along with what the previous commenter Susan said, about getting enough little successes to keep me going) was being able to sell the book that I spent about 8 or 10 years writing 🙂 You do something as a labor of love, and because you believe the Lord is leading you to do it, but sometimes you wonder if it will ever really see the light of day. If and when it does, it is such an amazing feeling, to know that God was the orchestrator of it all. Everything in His timing. (Because all those years certainly wouldn’t have been MY timing!) I’m eager to poke around here more and read more of your posts. Thanks 🙂

    December 4, 2008 at 12:09 AM

    • Thanks for your comments, Lynn. God is always faithful to bless the work He’s called us to do.

      Congratulations on your book! Your testimony is inspiring and encouraging, especially to those of us who have waited a long time to see the fruit of our labor.



      December 4, 2008 at 2:08 AM