Monday, Dec 01, 2008

Handling the Waiting Game

Dear Power Writers, 

Sometimes waiting can become discouraging, especially when we’re waiting to hear from an editor. And when we’ve sent the same manuscript out again and again, waiting for publication can become downright depressing. 

So what are we writers to do? Here are a few “keeps” that have helped me during the waiting process: 

1) Keep your eyes focused on Jesus, not on the editor who hasn’t yet responded or the manuscript that has been rejected several times. 

2) Keep writing while you wait. The worst thing a writer can do is to stop writing until she gets a response from an editor. This is certain death to your writing career. 

3) Keep learning the writing craft. It could be that your manuscript has been repeatedly rejected because you need to improve your writing skills. 

4) Keep in touch with other writers. They will help sharpen your writing skills and enable you to maintain a proper perspective. They will also encourage you when you are down. 

5) Keep an expectant attitude. It is both a spiritual and a psychological law that we will get what we expect. So expect your manuscript to be accepted in God’s time. Expect to become an expert at writing. Expect success to result from your writing efforts. The Word of God promises us that “everything we put our hands to shall prosper”. 

This includes our writing. 🙂

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