Friday, Dec 19, 2008

Streamlining Your Life

One of my goals for the new year is to streamline my life. For me, this is an ongoing goal because I find that no matter how much I eliminate from my life, it’s sometimes challenging to keep it eliminated. 🙂 

So what steps have I taken to streamline? Here are a few that may help you as well: 

1) I hired a life coach. Now you may be wondering why would I, a life coach myself, hire a life coach. Well, the answer is simple. Every coach needs a coach. Sometimes we can develop tunnel vision about our own situation, so we need an objective perspective. This is where a life coach can do wonders. I have a life coach whom I consult periodically, whenever I feel the need to do so. I talk with her for anywhere from one to three telephone sessions, and then I’m back on track in maximizing my time to achieve my goals. 

2) I made arrangements to stop doing certain activities that were not moving me toward my goals. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we just can’t stop doing something on the spot. So we make plans to phase out of an activity gradually, morally, and ethically, giving the organization or person enough time to find someone to take our place. 

3) I set specific, targeted, and dated goals for those activities that are part of my calling. I also blocked off times on my calendar when I will accomplish those activities. 

Time is life. If we don’t manage our time well, we will not be living well. If you need help sorting out your priorities, discovering your purpose, and setting goals, let me know. You may wish to visit my website for more information: I’m confident that I can help you because I’ve “been there, done that”.




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