Wednesday, Dec 31, 2008

The Art of Intentionality

Dear Power Writers, 

People often ask me why they have so much trouble sticking to their goals. From years of observation, I’ve noticed a reason that repeatedly crops up. The reason is the lack of intentionality. 

What is intentionality? Intentionality is the practice of being purposeful in action. It is the character trait that defines an objective and holds oneself accountable to it. The word”intentionality” contains the word “intention”. An intention can be defined as the “act or instance of determining mentally upon some action or result.” 

As the new year approaches, determine that you will become skilled at the art of intentionality. Set clear-cut goals and go for them. Remember: just as you can’t play basketball without a hoop, you can’t build a writing career without goals. Without a place to aim, your efforts will be diffused all over the map. 

So decide to be intentional. In fact, let’s say this aloud. All together now: I am an intentional writer!




MaryAnn Diorio, Follower of Christ
Novelist, Poet & Artist
Truth through Fiction ®

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