Wednesday, Jan 07, 2009

Prayer and Writing

Dear Power Writer, 

We all know that any writing power we have comes from our Heavenly Father Who has given us the power to do what He has called us to do. But how do we tap in to that power? One of the key ways is prayer. 

Prayer is ongoing dialogue between God and us. Prayer is a two-way dialogue in which we speak little and listen a lot. Why? Because God is far smarter than we are! 🙂 

Prayer opens up the door for us to receive from God whatever it is we need to write for Him. Whether we need wisdom, strength, perseverance, or encouragement, prayer will provide it. Prayer is also the key to learning what it is God wants us to write. A writing project bereft of prayer is like a body bereft of breath. 

If prayer has not been a top priority in your writing life, make it so today. You will spare yourself a lot of wrong writing turns, and you will gain a much deeper relationship with your Heavenly Father. 




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