Friday, Jan 09, 2009

The Power of Decisions

Dear Power Writer, 

Each day we make countless decisions, some major, some minor. But one thing I’ve learned about decisions is that the minor ones are often the major ones. 

Take, for instance, the decision to answer an email before writing. That decision could result in losing an hour of precious writing time as one email leads to another and another and another. 

When making decisions, it’s important to remember that every decision will either move you toward your writing goal or away from it. Pay attention to every option you face each day. Ask yourself what option will move you toward your writing goal and what option will move you away from your writing goal. Then choose the option that will move you toward your goal. 

If you do this enough times, you will find it easier to make the right writing choice. 🙂




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One thought on “The Power of Decisions

  1. Dear MaryAnn,

    The Lord had already shown me how much time answering emails takes away from my writing, so I’d even placed a timer on my desk to limit early morning email time to 15 minutes. But I would usually reset it for an additional 15 minutes… you know, because the next email was (violin music here) “so” important to read/answer.
    Once again, the Lord has used your words to convict me of my disobedience. I’ve printed your post and placed it next to my timer…(beep beep beep) Oh my, gotta go dear mentor and friend!
    Love ya,

    January 10, 2009 at 8:06 AM