Monday, Feb 02, 2009

Becoming Syndicated

Dear Power Writer, 

Once you’ve begun publishing a column, you may want to think about syndicating it. Syndication is a great way to multiply your efforts. You do the work once, then you get paid for it over and over. 

You can either self-syndicate or syndicate through an established syndicate. When I wrote my column, I opted for self-syndication since I was able to connect personally with several editors of newspapers in my state. Of course, I had to handle all the logistics, but it was that difficult at all. I simply arranged publication details (frequency, etc.) with each editor and made sure that they had the columns they needed when they needed them. 

Syndicating through a syndicate will certainly enlarge your area of influence much more quickly than self-syndication. The downside is that it may be a lot more difficult to break in unless you are a big name or your topic is targeted to a wide audience. 

Whatever syndication option you choose, I encourage you to go for it. Through syndication, your influence for God’s Kingdom can reach audiences you would never reach by writing for only one newspaper or magazine.




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