Friday, May 15, 2009

Refusing to Give In to Doubt

All artists face a time in their careers when they are assailed with doubt about their competence and their artistic dream. I faced such a time early in my writing career. 

I had only recently discerned God’s call on my life to write. But I had not yet fully grasped the significance of that call nor the opposition to it that the enemy would throw my way. 

As I began to learn the power of speaking what God spoke about me, I met a person one day who asked me what I did as a profession. Suddenly, I faced the moment of truth. Would I say what God had spoken into my heart, or would I fumble, out of a false sense of humility, and say something to the contrary? I decided to agree with God. So I opened my mouth and said, “I am a writer”. 

Well, I almost choked on the words. Instantly, I heard a voice in my head say, “Who do you think you are, calling yourself a writer? What do you know about writing?” 

I immediately knew that my adversary was in the room. So I turned to him in the spirit realm, pointed my finger in his face and said, “God has called me a writer, so I am a writer. Now flee from me, in the Name of Jesus.” 

And you know what? He fled and never returned. Glory to God!

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6 thoughts on “Refusing to Give In to Doubt

  1. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. God’s Word always works when we work it! Glory to His Holy Name! 🙂



    May 15, 2009 at 11:38 AM

  2. Thank you for this message. I needed it so much today. There is a job posting for a writing coach at my school and this is my dream job, yet doubt and Satan’s lies are holding me back from applying. I am going to write my letter of application right now! Thank you again!!!

    May 15, 2009 at 6:51 PM