Friday, Jun 12, 2009

Everybody Has a Story

We writers sometimes think that only those in the limelight have a story. But I have discovered some of the best stories among those whom the world would consider unimportant and inconsequential. People like the elderly, the poor, and the disabled. 

If you want to make excellent use of an afternoon, go spend it talking with an octogenarian. What you will learn will astound you, especially if you are under 40 yourself. Those at the upper end of the age spectrum hold in their hearts memories, experiences, and wisdom that you will not find elsewhere. Most important of all, mathematical odds state that these elderly people may not have much longer to live. So take advantage of the gift that they are by listening to them and learning from them. 

The same is true of the poor and disabled. They have experienced struggles that may make you ashamed of yourself for ever complaining. (Been there; done that.) 

So look around you today. Whose story is the Lord leading you not only to listen to, but to tell? Obey His voice. Not only will you acquire some marvelous grist for your writer’s mill,but you will also be blessing those whom the world has often forgotten.

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