Monday, Jun 29, 2009

Characters That Live

I’m back. 🙂 We had a marvelous family vacation, and now I am spending the next two weeks finalizing plans for my daughter’s wedding on July 11th. We went to Mohonk in New Paltz, New York, a great place for rest and relaxation. I’ll be posting some pictures soon. 🙂 For the next two weeks, I’ll be finalizing preparations for my daughter’s wedding, so please bear with me if I don’t get to post three times a week. 

Most of you know that fiction is my first writing love. Today I’d like to discuss some techniques for creating characters that come alive to your reader: 

1) Make sure you know as much as you can about your characters, especially your main character, before beginning to write. Obviously, you will learn some things along that way that may surprise you, but the more you know before you write, the more alive your character will be to your reader. 

2) Give your main character lots of problems. The more serious, the better. Writers sometimes struggle with putting their characters in impossible situations. But if you don’t do so, your character will be flat. 

3) Use dialogue to reveal your character. Ensure that your dialogue is consistent with the time period and with your character’s personality. 

There is a lot more to be said about characterization. But if you start with these three steps, you’ll go a long way toward creating characters that are well-rounded and alive.

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