Friday, Aug 28, 2009

Cultivating Good Business Relationships

Cultivating good business relationships is critical to the success of your writing career. Yes, writing is a business. If you haven’t figured that out by now, you will soon. 🙂 No matter what kind of writing we do, we will be involved in the business aspect of the industry. So it behooves us to conduct ourselves in a way that will help us to reach our goals while respecting the rights and feelings of our clients. 

Who are clients? They can be anyone from a person requesting a press release to a traditional publisher. Yes, a traditional publisher. 🙂 We don’t often think of our publishers as clients, but indeed they are. Just as with any other client, we need to cultivate good business relationships with our publishers. 

What is a good business relationship? Well, this topic could fill a book and has done so. But, in a nutshell, a good business relationship is one that respects the needs and requirements of the client, that fulfills those needs and requirements with excellence and in a timely fashion, and that conducts itself with respect and courtesy. 

The Christian writing industry is a small industry in which most people know or know of one another. As in all relationships, there will inevitably be disagreements and differences of opinion. The difference in the Christian writing industry is that we are to handle these disagreements Biblically, and that means according to Matthew 18:15. 

While we may not always agree, we can always walk in love.

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3 thoughts on “Cultivating Good Business Relationships

  1. That’s why writer’s groups and conferences are so important. We need to get to know each other – not only for business purposes, but also to encourage each other.

    August 31, 2009 at 9:10 AM