Friday, Sep 04, 2009

Crafting an Excellent Article

Writing articles is one of the best ways to break into the publishing field. But writing a good article is no easy matter. It requires an understanding of the elements of a good article and how to put those elements together to create a publishable piece. 

When writing an article, begin by asking yourself some questions. These questions are called “the five Ws and an H”: Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How. Journalists use these questions all the time to craft newspaper articles. Not every article will include each question, but every article will benefit by your asking each question before you write. 

Who: Who is the subject of your article? Are you writing a profile of a well-known person, or a not so-well known one? 

What: What is the topic of your article? Parenting, finances, prayer? 

When: When did your article’s topic occur? When was it made public? When did it cause something to happen? 

Where: Where did your article’s topic take place? How did this location affect your topic? 

Why: Why did certain consequences follow the topic of your article? 

How: How did your article’s well-known person achieve his success? 

The five Ws and an H can be asked in ways that relate specifically to what you are writing. The next time you’re stuck while writing an article, ask yourself these questions. Better yet, ask them before you start, and you won’t get stuck in the first place. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Crafting an Excellent Article

  1. These are great tips, MaryAnn. The ingredients for good writing – I love it! In addition to the 5 W’s, I use these three words to help keep me on target:
    beginning, middle, and end. They seem simple, but they help me place info in the right places and assess how much to say. You and your blog are such a blessing. Have a blessed weekend:)

    September 4, 2009 at 9:04 AM