Wednesday, Oct 14, 2009

What Is Faith?

This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking at a church in my area. Before I spoke, one of the members of the Praise Team shared a testimony about the meaning of faith. She said that as she sought the Lord for insight into faith, He gave her the following acronmym: 

Faith is Forever Acknowledging I Trust Him! 

WOW! Isn’t that awesome? I have memorized that acronym and have thought about it a lot since our precious sister in Christ spoke those powerful words. Thank You, Jesus! 

Let’s look at each word individually: 

Forever – This means that we never stop in our faith walk. We never drop behind or turn behind. We keep pressing forward. 

Acknowledging – This means to recognize, to bear witness to the fact, to assert, to admit that something is real or true. We admit that what God says is true, no matter what circumstances may look like. 

I – This means the will and the heart – the essence of the self. With this part of us we choose to trust God. It is an act of the will, not a feeling. The feeling will usually follow the act, but not always. When we trust, we do not depend on feelings; we lean on His Word. 

Trust– This means to rely on, to place our total and unwavering confidence in. When we trust God, we place our unwavering confidence in His character, for faith, at its root, is believing in the goodness of God. 

Him– This means the One we trust. The Incomparable One. The Perfect One. The Loving One. To trust in this One is to trust all that is good and holy and pure. 

If you are struggling with faith in a certain area, remember this acronym. Keep it ever before you. Practice it when doubt assails. 

Faith is forever acknowledging I trust Him. Amen and Amen!!!

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