Monday, Nov 02, 2009

The Hero’s Journey: The Mentor

Usually right at the point that the heroine of your story is deciding whether or not to accept the call, the Mentor comes into the picture. The mentor can be an old man or an old woman, although this has become rather cliche. I would suggest you make your mentor someone least likely to be a mentor. This will add a nice twist to your plot.

The Mentor’s role is to prepare your heroine for her Call to Adventure. The Mentor usually gives advice or even an item for the heroine to use on her journey. This item is symbolic and has a metaphorical meaning in your story. 

While your heroine is on her journey, the Mentor’s advice will inspire her at times when things are going badly. You can even reintroduce your Mentor at a critical point in the story. 

Remember that although you may use a Mentor in your story, the heroine must solve her own problems. The Mentor serves simply as a counselor, but the final decisions are left to the heroine.

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2 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey: The Mentor

  1. In my WIP, Akeela has more than one mentor. One dies. The other has to leave. She meets other mentors along the way. But still, there comes a time when she can’t rely on the Mentor. That’s important because I don’t want the Mentor to save the day. I want Akeela to save the day.

    November 2, 2009 at 11:09 AM

    • Yes, Pam. Some stories include more than one mentor. My novel, Sicilian Sunrise, has two mentors, but one is for the heroine and one is for the hero.

      November 3, 2009 at 10:44 AM