Wednesday, Nov 04, 2009

The Hero’s Journey: The First Threshold

I am praising God for the good news I have received that my novel, Sicilian Sunrise, is a finalist in the Inspirational Category of the East Texas RWA Southern Heat Contest. Winners will be announced in December. Glory to God!

Today, we will be talking about the First Threshold in the Hero’s Journey. The First Threshold occurs when your heroine embraces the quest and sets out on her journey. It is the point of no return.

The crossing of the first threshold puts physical action to the previous step in the journey, the Acceptance of the Call. This proves that the heroine has what it takes to follow through. The crossing of the first threshold is also symbolic, a sort of rite of passage. It indicates commitment and acceptance of change. It is a leaving behind of the old and an acceptance of the new.

Often the crossing of the first threshold is frightening and serves as the heroine’s first step toward independence. It represents moving from a world of safety to a world of danger.

The threshold often has some sort of guard or person or challenge that the heroine must overcome. 

Have you found that applying these steps to your story is making a difference for you?


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11 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey: The First Threshold

  1. Crossing the First Threshold is interesting. We can handle it many ways. My heroine is practically forced to do it through the actions of the antagonist. Still, it gets her going.

    Congrats, MaryAnn! I remember reading the very first few pages at Debbie Piccurelli’s house. You’ve come a long way and it’s great!

    I’m still waiting to hear from Zondervan regarding Fairyeater.

    November 4, 2009 at 11:56 AM

  2. Dearest Mary Ann; congratulations, and I need to tell you that I have responded to nearly all the blog entries, yet had trouble signing on and leaving a comment. I do hope this one goes through.
    Pam, I have also visited your blog, and I adore it, but I lost the link.

    Praise to God,


    November 4, 2009 at 2:56 PM