Wednesday, Nov 18, 2009

The Hero’s Journey: Resurrection

We have reached Step 11 of the Hero’s Journey: Resurrection. In order for your story to satisfy your reader, he will need to experience another moment of death and resurrection, somewhat similar to the earlier ordeal and rebirth, but far more dangerous. This is called the climax and is the darkest moment of the story for your character. Your hero must endure another cleansing and purification before re-entering his ordinary world. At the same time, he must retain the wisdom he learned during the ordeal and get rid of anything bad that touched him during the ordeal. 

So your hero again must change, and you, as the writer, must show this change. Here are some questions to ask at this point in your story: 

1) What must your hero get rid of to return to his ordinary world?

2) In what way is your hero “cleansed” from any ill effects of the ordeal?

3) How does your hero choose to overcome the final obstacle of the climax?

4) How will you show that your hero has changed? 

The hero has almost completed his journey. Next time, we will explore the final stage: The Return with the Elixir.

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2 thoughts on “The Hero’s Journey: Resurrection

  1. I think we need to be more careful with this step than any of the others. We don’t want to be predictable or cheesy.

    In my WIP, Akeela discovers the Fairystone, which will enable her to become the Fairy Guardian, which will enable her to defeat the Dark Lord. She picks it up and realizes the consequences and hesitates. She wants to do what’s right, but she loves Hawk. If she becomes the Fairy Guardian, she’ll never be able to become his wife. As she struggles with deciding what to do, Hawk steps up and places the Fairystone in the birthmark on her hand.

    I won’t reveal anymore … but I’m hoping to make the reader feel Akeela won’t do what she must. But my theme is self-sacrifice, and that carries over to the other characters, including the antagonist (not the Dark Lord – he’s the evil enemy.)

    I’m also hoping to handle it in such a way that the reader sighs with relief when she does become the Fairy Guardian.

    November 20, 2009 at 8:05 AM