Friday, Dec 11, 2009

Knowing What to Write

Ideas abound. In fact, have you ever noticed how other people sometimes get the same idea you got? The reason is that ideas “float around” and reach those who are tuned into them, for whatever reason. 

So, how do you choose among the many ideas that bombard your mind? How do you know which one to spend writing time on? Here are some guidelines you may wish to use: 

1) Submit each idea to Holy Spirit. Ask Him if He gave you the idea. If so, ask Him what He wants you to do with it? 

2) Once you have determined that the idea is from God, and not your own head or–worst of all–from the enemy, then consider various angles of the idea. Which is the best angle to write on? Perhaps there is more than one. You may be able to use the idea for both an article and a story. Remember: life doesn’t have to be “either/or”. It can be “both/and”. 🙂 

3) Once you’ve chosen your angle, flesh out your idea. Do research if necessary. Ask yourself pertinent questions, like, “So what?” What makes this idea important to my readers? How can I develop it so that they can easily apply it to their lives? 

As you go through each step, listen for the still, small voice of the Holy Spirit. He will guide you as you take your idea–His idea–from conception to birth.

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