Friday, Jan 15, 2010

A Look at Deep POV

In fiction-writing, there is point-of-view (POV) and there is deep POV. What is the difference? 

Deep POV takes the reader much more deeply into the character’s head. It puts the reader directly inside the character’s skin instead of having the reader watch the character from a distance. 

Here are two examples to show you the difference. Notice that the first example distances the reader, while the second example (deep POV) puts the reader inside the character. 

1) He noticed her flaming red tresses blowing in the wind, and he felt desire in his heart. 

2) Her flaming red tresses blew in the wind, igniting a fire in his heart. 

In the second example, you are inside the character’s head, inside his skin. You are the character. 

Try your hand at the exercises below. Take the sentence given and transform it into deep POV. Then share your results. 

1) She felt the hot breath of his anger on her neck. 

2) She wondered why he was so pale. 

3) She saw the room spinning before her.

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