Friday, Mar 12, 2010

The Declaration

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This week we will be talking about the next essential element of the romance novel: the Declaration. According to Pamela Regis, the Declaration consists of “the scene or scenes in which the hero declares his love for the heroine, and the heroine he love for the hero” (p. 34). This declaration can take place at any point in your novel. 

Your plot will vary, of course, depending on where you choose to place the declaration. If you place the declaraton early on in your story, you could have a “love-at-first-sight” story. If you place the declaration at the end of your story, then you could make one of the barriers the couple’s fear or inability to declare their love to each other. 

As you can see, the possibilities are limitless. The important thing to remember is that when writing romance, you must include the declaration of love. 

Next time: The Point of Ritual Death.


Source Cited:  Regis, Pamela. A Natural History of the Romance Novel. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2003.

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