Friday, Aug 06, 2010

Coaching for Fiction Writers

Some of you may know that I am a Certified Life Coach. Some of you may also know that I am currently working on my Master of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction. Well, I’ve combined my life coach training and my fiction writing training to provide coaching for fiction writers. 

What kind of services does a fiction writing coach offer? Here are just a few:

  • Help in brainstorming your plot;
  • Help in structuring your plot;
  • Help in creating well-rounded, fully developed characters;
  • Help in writing realistic dialogue;
  • Help in creating your story world;
  • Help in developing your internal and external story and in weaving them together with mastery;
  • Help in developing your own unique voice;
  • Help in disciplining yourself to write regularly;
  • Help in holding you accountable to your writing dream.

These are just a few of the things I will do as your personal fiction writing coach. If you write non-fiction or poetry, I can coach you in that area as well.

A writing coach will help get you from where you are in your writing life to where you want to be. If you’re at a point in your writing career where you need some extra help, give me a call at 856-488-0366 or email me at or at I’ll be happy to discuss your particular situation with you. Remember: wishing won’t move you toward your goal. Taking action will. 🙂

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