Friday, Aug 13, 2010

Upcoming Opportunities for Your Writing Growth

I once heard someone say, “Life is not static. If you’re not moving forward, you’re moving backward.” 

This truism can be applied to our writing. Are you moving forward with yours, or are you moving backward? How can you tell? Here are a few signs for each direction: 

Your writing is moving forward if:

  • You are writing regularly.
  • You are increasing in your knowledge about writing and the writing profession through writing magazines, classes, conferences, and/or critique groups.
  • You have a writing mentor–a writer who has more experience than you–to help you move forward.
  • You are learning from your writing mistakes and correcting them.
  • You are seeking God’s wisdom and direction for your writing.

Your writing is going backward if:

  • You are not writing regularly.
  • You are not making the effort to increase your knowledge about writing and the writing profession.
  • You do not have a writing mentor to help you grow as a writer.
  • You are not learning from your writing mistakes. In fact, you don’t even recognize those mistakes.
  • You are not seeking God’s wisdom and direction for your writing.

The great news is that you can choose which direction you want your writing to go. If you’re like me, you want your writing to move forward. To help you to that end, I will be offering two FREE five-day mini-courses whose purpose is to give you a gentle push–or perhaps a jumpstart–for your writing. One of these free mini-courses will be on writing non-fiction and the other on writing fiction.

Each day, for five days, you will receive one lesson in your emailbox. The lesson will include information on creating outstanding fiction or non-fiction (depending on which free course you choose). It will also include exercises for you to practice at your own convenience.

To register for your FREE five-day course, please send me an email at In the subject line, please type either “Fiction” or “Non-Fiction.” As soon as I hear from you, the first of your five lessons will be on its way. 🙂

Topics that will be covered include the following:


  1. What are the chief characteristics of non-fiction?
  2. What is “creative non-fiction” and how do I write it?
  3. What six key questions do I need to ask myself when writing non-fiction?
  4. What is meant by the “inverted pyramid” when writing an article?
  5. Where can I publish my articles? How can I make money writing non-fiction?


  1. I want to write a story. Where do I start?
  2. How can I create characters that jump off the page?
  3. What is meant by internal story/external story?
  4. How can I write realistic dialogue?
  5. Where can I sell my stories?

Take advantage of this great opportunity. It’s free! 🙂 Email me today and start moving your writing forward. 🙂



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