Friday, Sep 03, 2010

The Writing Journey

As writers, each of us takes a journey that is similar yet vastly different. Besides being a journey of growth in learning the craft and the business of writing, the writing journey is also a spiritual one. Paying attention to the spiritual aspect of the writing journey will deepen your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

So how do we pay attention to the spiritual aspect of our writing journey? Here are some tips: 

1) Look at your writing journey from God’s perspective. If you are receiving rejection after rejection, what is God trying to teach you? If you are stuck, what is Holy Spirit saying to you? If things are flowing smoothly, are you rejoicing? 

2) Keep a journal of your writing journey. Often, while we’re going through a difficult time on our writing journey, we may miss the forest for the trees. Keeping a journal will help provide a balanced perspective. Most of all, as you read your journal in the days and years to come, you will notice God’s hand on your writing life. 

3) Pray every step of the way on your writing journey. Prayer is a critical part of the writing journey. Without it, we will lose our way very quickly. Prayer is what keeps us connected to God as we travel. Be sure that you are not neglecting prayer. 

For the follower of Christ, the writing journey is more important than the writing itself, for it is the journey that draws us closer to our Lord and leads us to our destiny in Him.

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5 thoughts on “The Writing Journey

  1. Rejection after rejection … that doesn’t necessarily mean you are not in God’s will. It could mean He is developing patience in you. It could mean you need to persevere. It could simply be a timing issue.

    If you KNOW you should be writing, then keep on writing. The best writers out there got the most rejections in the beginning of their careers.

    September 7, 2010 at 7:45 PM