Friday, Sep 24, 2010

The Three Ds of Failure

If I could sum up the reasons for failure, I would call them the three Ds:  Discouragement, Depression, and Despair. 

Discouragement is the first D. It creeps up on us when we get a rejection, a negative comment from an editor or fellow writer, or any setback that makes us feel less good about ourselves as writers. 

Depression is a deeper form of discouragement, a deeper level,, if you will.  Depression is insidious in that we can fall into it unawares and, once there, it’s hard to extricate ourselves. Often, we need someone else’s help to get us out of depression. 

Despair is the loss of all hope for any kind of writing success. Despair often leads a writer to give up on his dream and on God’s dream in him.  

All three Ds originate in Satan’s lie and must be resisted with the truth of God’s Word.  If you are suffering from any of the three Ds, start speaking God’s Word even if you don’t feel like it. Force yourself to speak words of life so that your thoughts will begin to line up with life instead of with death. 

Remember: you are not fighting in your own power, but in the power of Jesus Christ.  Let that power flow through you.  Soon the three Ds will be replaced by the three Cs: Courage, Commitment, and Confidence.

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2 thoughts on “The Three Ds of Failure

  1. Discouragement is the most insidious of the three. It’s what chips away at the base of your faith. And it’s hard NOT to feel discouraged when you’ve been writing and submitting for years and nothing happens.

    What keeps me going is remembering those who have gone on before me and how they persevered. Bryan Davis (a Christian fantasy novelist) got 200 rejections for his first novel. He’s now a best-selling, in demand author. Joyce Magnin (women’s contemporary) worked and wrote and submitted for over 20 years. She wanted to quit on a regular basis. But she sold her first novel which was released last year and now has so many book contracts, she’ll be busy for the next 6 years!

    I am not Superman. I do not have x-ray vision. I can’t see through the wall that’s in front of me. So, I have to keep my hopes up while I’m working my way around or even over that wall. How do I do that? I attend conferences, workshops and writers’ group meetings. I read how-to books and participate on blogs. And I write, write, write. Hard work always pays off.

    But it will never happen if I get discouraged.

    September 24, 2010 at 9:51 AM