Friday, Oct 08, 2010

Writing Fiction for Children

The fiction principles we’ve been discussing periodically on this blog also apply to writing fiction for children.  Some fiction writers make the mistake of thinking that they can start by writing first for children and then graduate to writing for adults.  This is a huge mistake. 

Writing for children is, in my opinion, more challenging than writing for adults. When you write for children, especially small children, you are writing not only for them but also for their parents and grandparents (or anyone else who buys books for children).  So you must keep in mind that your story must first pass the approval of the childs book buyer. 

Writing for children also involves certain techniques that do not apply to writing for adults. For example, in a child’s story, the child must usually solve his problem on his own.  The presence of adults should be kept to a minimum. And by all means, do not have an adult rescue the child out of his problem. 

If you are interested in writing for children, I suggest you get some good training. A program from which I graduated years ago is that sponsored by the Institute of Children’s Literature.  You will be assigned a mentor who is widely published in the field of children’s literature and who can help you prepare a manuscript that is ready for publication.  For more info, click here

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