Friday, Oct 15, 2010

Fiction at Its Best

How would you define “fiction at its best”?  As the newly appointed Examiner of Fiction for my city, I will be writing articles on how to write fiction.  So I would like your input on what you think makes for good fiction.  Is it the characters? The plot? A combination of both?  Is it the setting, the dialogue, the theme?  All of these elements of good fiction will serve as topics for my future articles. 

IMHO, I think all good fiction can be reduced, if you will, to characters.  Whether the idea for your story starts with a character or with a plot, in the end it is the characters your readers will very likely remember.  If they remember the plot and forget the characters, then your story may have needed stronger characters. 

Characters drive the plot. Characters solve the story problem. Characters make the story jump off the page. 

I’ll be looking forward to hearing your comments.  Thanks for participating.  I’ll send you links as the articles are published. 




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2 thoughts on “Fiction at Its Best

  1. For me, it’s a marriage of character and plot. If the character isn’t doing something interesting, it won’t matter how unique they are. I won’t care.

    I like to see how a character reacts to a situation – how they handle things, figure things out. That’s what makes them memorable for me.

    October 20, 2010 at 3:17 PM