Friday, Oct 22, 2010

On Taglines

As a novelist, I thought long and hard about a tagline for my fiction. I finally settled on “Truth through Fiction” which is the personal vision God gave me for my fiction writing.  It is my goal as a novelist to present truth through the medium of fiction. 


For one main reason:  Fiction touches the heart. 

Unlike non-fiction that appeals to the head or mind, fiction appeals to the heart. This is the reason Jesus used fiction, called parables, to teach truths that transform the heart. 

I had my tagline registered at the US Trademark Office by an attorney. It now appears on my website and in my advertising and correspondence.  It is a continual reminder to me of why I write fiction.  It is a statement of my vision as a writer of fiction. 

What is your vision for your fiction writing?  Why do you write fiction?  Take some time to think about a tagline for your own fiction writing. 

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