Friday, Jul 29, 2011

How to Write Deep POV – Tip #7

Tip #7 for writing deep POV is: Start your scene with your POV character. While this may seem obvious, many writers start their scene with a description of the setting. While this is not necessarily a bad approach, it fails to orient your reader immediately in the head of your character. And deep point of view is just that: orienting your read immediately–and intimately– in the head of your character. 

Starting your scene with your POV character does the following:

  • It connects your reader with the character through whose eyes your reader will experience the story.
  • It places your reader squarely in the perspective of that character.
  • It establishes a sense of time and place for your reader so that she can jump into your story with both feet.

Try this little exercise during the coming week. Take a scene from your novel where you start with a description of the setting. Then revise that scene by introducing your POV character right up front.  If you want to share what you write, please do so. 

Next week: Tip #8:  Use specific details to deepen POV.

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