Friday, Aug 12, 2011

How to Write Deep POV – Tip #9

We are nearing the end of our 10 tips to writing deep POV.  Today we’re going to discuss Tip #9: Instead of simply describing settings or people, experience them through your POV character. 

How do you do this? By giving your character’s emotional reactions to her experiences.  

For example, instead of describing a room, give us your character’s reactions to the room.  Here is an example from my own writing: 

Before:  Sarah entered the room.  A long tapestried sofa stood against one wall. In the center was a long mahogany table with a large bouquet of roses on it. The flowers reminded her of Scott. 

After:  The beauty of the room took Sarah’s breath away. And the tapestried sofa. It was just like the one her grandmother had. The sofa where, as a child, Sarah cuddled up with Granny and listened for hours to exciting fairy tales. She walked over to the table and breathed in the fragrance of the long-stemmed red roses. They reminded her of Scott.  And of their failed relationship. 

Do you see how the second example shows the emotional reactions of the POV character?  I can still work on this example, but at least you can see that getting into your POV character’s skin and experiencing settings, things, and people through her eyes will make your story come alive. 

Now try this exercise on a scene from your own writing. 

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