Friday, Oct 07, 2011

New Publishing Options for Writers

With the traditional publishing industry in a turmoil and with e-pubbing skyrocketing in popularity, authors today have many options at their disposal for publishing their work. Which option to choose is a question of personal preference. 

To help you decide what route you should take toward publication, here are some questions to  ask yourself:

  • What is my publishing goal?  Do I want a book I can hold in my hands, or does it matter only that my work gets out there?
  • Is my book time-sensitive? Will it be outdated before it gets to the shelves if I go the route of traditional publishing?
  • Do I have the money to e-publish?  Although e-publishing is not so expensive as self-publishing, it does require an outlay of funds to launch your book on the Internet.
  • How much promotion am I willing to do?  Today, writers, whether traditionally published or self-published, are expected to do the majority of promotion for their books.

Whichever option you choose, count the cost.  For example, traditional publishing takes time–sometimes years–before you see your book in print. Also, royalties are far less thatn royalties on e-publishing, which can be as high as 70%. 

I’ve published all three ways: traditional publishing, self-publishing, and e-publishing.  In a future post, we’ll discuss each of these in more detail. 

NOTE:  Stay tuned for two upcoming interviews, one with a phenomenal novelist and the other with an amazing artist.

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