Friday, Oct 28, 2011

Traditional Publishing

This week, we’ll talk a bit about traditional publishing which, some believe, is fast becoming a dinosaur.  While I don’t totally agree, I will say that traditional publishing is, in many ways, struggling to hold its own in this new era of e-publishing.  At the same time, traditional publishing is still strong and remains the preferred method of publication for most writers due to the quality and prestige attached to it. 

Traditional publishing usually involves quite a long process beginning with the submission of a query letter to a publisher inquiring about the publisher’s interest in the book. If the publisher is interested in considering the book, the author will then be asked to submit a proposal and three chapters.  If this is an author’s first novel, the publisher will request the complete novel. The book is then presented to the marketing department which is the major deciding factor in whether or not the book will be published. 

While many authors enjoy traditional publishing, just as many have turned to alternate means of publication for a variety of reasons. Next time, we will discuss one of the alternate methods called self-publishing. 

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