Friday, Dec 16, 2011

Faith and the Writer

The writing journey is a journey of faith.  As such, it is fraught with many trials whose purpose is to test our faith and to refine it.  What faith test are you facing today?  It may be in your writing, in your family, or in yourself.  Regardless, here are some keys to passing the test of faith. 

  • For every test you face, find the Scripture verse related to the test.  For example, if you are facing sickness, find  all  the Scripture verses that deal with God’s promise of healing.
  • Meditate on those verses.  To meditate means to “chew on.”  Interestingly, it also means to speak.  Continually speak aloud the verses related to your test and watch your faith grow to overcome the test.
  • Rejoice in the midst of the test.  When we rejoice in the midst of the test, we are demonstrating to God that we trust Him no matter what.  Also, rejoicing erupts in praise, and Scripture tells us that God inhabits the praises of His people (Psalm 22:3).  And when God comes on the scene, miracles happen!

Our loving Heavenly Father wants us to pass every test of faith because in the process, we become more like His precious Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  That is the goal of the test.  

If we don’t pass a test of faith, we can be sure that our Father will administer the test again.  So why not prepare well and pass it the first time around?  If you do, you’ll be that much closer to looking like Jesus!  And that, my dear writer friend, should be our ultimate goal!

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One thought on “Faith and the Writer

  1. Rejoicing in the midst of the trial is hardest for me. I’m sooooo tired because Anna doesn’t want to sleep much past 4am most days. I find it helps to put on upbeat worship music.

    December 19, 2011 at 7:11 AM