Friday, Dec 23, 2011

Writing Your Vision and Mission Statements

[NOTE: The post below appeared on the ACFW Children’s Loop of which I am the moderator.]

As a new year approaches, it’s time once again to think of vision and mission for our writing. To that end, I encourage you to write both a vision statement and a mission statement. Here are some tips for doing so: 

First of all, what is the difference? Simply put:

• Your Vision Statement is your picture of the future you want to create.

• Your Mission Statement is the plan of action you will take to create the picture of the future you want to create.

As you write each statement, you may find it helpful to follow these steps: 

1) Pray to seek God’s will regarding your vision of the future. He has a vision for your life and it includes success (Jeremiah 29:11). So be sure that you align your vision with God’s vision for you. Otherwise, you will be wasting your time and your life.

2) Ask God what steps you need to take to fulfill His vision for you. This will not be a one-time conversation with God as He often reveals the next step only after you’ve completed the previous one. So just write down what He tells you for now. Vision statements and mission statements are often fine-tuned as you move forward. 

3) Take several hours to think through your vision statement and your mission statement. An excellent book that helped me when I wrote mine years ago was The Path by Laurie Beth Jones. She is a Christian life coach.

 4) Keep your vision and mission statements continually before you as a reminder to stay on course.  

5) Re-evaluate on a quarterly basis to determine what, if anything, needs fine-tuning.

Make sure that you enter the new year armed with both a vision statement and a mission statement crafted under God’s direction. If you write them and stick to them, chances are very good that you’ll be a very happy camper at the end of 2012. 🙂

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