Friday, Dec 30, 2011

Starting Off Right

A new year brings with it a renewed sense of hope and expectation.  The new year upon us is no exception. Yet, how can we ensure that this new year doesn’t end up with frustrated dreams and unaccomplished goals? 

Here are a few suggestions to help make 2012 your best year yet: 

1) Cover the new year in prayer, from beginning to end.  Prayer will keep you in God’s will for you during the new year, and the only place of true fulfillment and accomplishment is in the center of God’s will. 

2) Establish goals with dates for completion. A goal without a date attached to it is merely a wish. It’s like playing basketball without a hoop.  So as you set your goals, make sure you include a date by which you want to complete that goal. 

3) Prioritize your goals.  Some of your goals will be more important than others. Work on those goals first.  Make them a priority in your daily activities.  

4) Be willing to be flexible.  A success plan must allow for unexpected interruptions. Be ready to adapt to these interruptions but never allow them to keep you from your ultimate goal.  When life intervenes, take care of the problem but then get back on track for your goals as soon as you can. 

5) Keep your goals continually before you. Doing so helps you to keep your focus on what matters most to you. 

Remember, your success is ultimately up to you.  With God’s help, you cannot fail if you remain diligent and persevering.


Happy New Year! 


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