Friday, Feb 03, 2012

Determining the Viability of an Idea

It has been said that ideas are in the air, and if you don’t catch some of them, others will.  When it comes to writing stories, many writers have similar ideas.  The difference that will get your story sold is in the unique twist on those ideas. 

So how do you know if an idea you get is good for a story?  Here are some clues: 

1) Does the idea fascinate you or intrigue you?  If an idea does not capture your heart, or at least your mind, then you may wish to think twice before writing about it. 

2) Is it relevant to your readership? If you write for a target audience and your idea does not fit that audience, you have two choices: a) Choose another audience; b) Choose another idea. 

3) Has it been overly addressed in the marketplace? If so, do you have a fresh angle on it? Solomon said there’s nothing new under the sun. The same is true about ideas. If your idea has been written about over and over again, be sure to give it a unique slant. 

While others can give you feedback on the viability of an idea, ultimately you the writer must make the choice for yourself.

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