Friday, Apr 20, 2012

Creating Conflict in Your Story

Surprises can create conflict. I just had such an experience when I logged in to my blog and discovered that I no longer recognized it. has made some major changes to its system, and I suddenly found myself lost and not knowing where to write my weekly blog post. Result: I felt conflicted.

On a positive note, however, the situation gave me an idea for this week’s post.  Surprises can create conflict. 🙂

Conflict, of course, is a foundation stone of storytelling. The greater the conflict, the stronger your story.  So why not use surprises to create conflict?

While some conflicts come inherent with the character, other conflicts can occur as the result of surprises, aka unexpected circumstances.  Give your character a surprise right when she seems to be solving her problem. Throw in a big wrench that totally catches her off guard and forces her to pursue another solution.

Conflict will keep your reader turning pages.  How do you create conflict and up the stakes for your protagonist?

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