Wednesday, Jun 27, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Get Paid While Writing Your Novel

Novelists sometimes complain that they don’t get paid for all of their hard work until after their novel is published.   But there is a way to be paid while writing your novel. That way is through a fiction grant. 

What is a writing grant, and how do you get one? 

A writing grant is a sum of money that pays all or some of a novelist’s expenses while she is writing her novel.  These grants are given to promising novelists by organizations whose specific purpose is to nurture fiction writers who demonstrate extraordinary potential.   

Many organizations, state arts councils, and other writing-related groups offer grants to novelists.  Among these organizations are Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, numerous arts councils, private organizations, and universities. 

Below is a list of some resources available to writers interested in applying for a grant or more than one: 

Funds for Writers

2012 Online Grants

James Jones Fellowship Contest

The United States government also offers a variety of grants for writers.  You can check out some of them here 

Have you considered applying for a writing grant?  Please share your thoughts.
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