Friday, Jul 20, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Whose Gig Is This Anyway?

A friend recently commented to me that now that I’ve signed a contract for a novella, she’s happy to know someone “famous”.  LOL!  Well, I would hardly call myself famous, and, knowing my friend, I appreciate her tongue-in-cheek comment. But I must say, it got me thinking about writing and heart motivation.

Although it’s certainly exciting to sign a fiction book contract, especially after years of praying hard, believing hard, and working hard, bottom-line, the books a writer writes are not ultimately about making her famous.  They are about making God famous.  This should be the underlying heart motivation of every Christian writer. 

Here are some questions to ask ourselves to determine our heart motivation: 

·  Do I want God to get all the glory for my book or do I want some of that glory?

·  Do I want my book to point people to Christ, or don’t I care whether it does or not?

·  Do I realize Who gave me this writing gift in the first place? 

·    Do I understand that I am only a steward of this gift, not the owner of it, and that I need to manage it well?

  • Do I truly want Jesus to increase while I decrease? 

The writing life is fraught with temptations, not the least of which is the temptation to think that we achieve success in a vacuum.  Nothing is farther from the truth.  Whenever we succeed, a whole team of loving, caring, supporting people achieves with us.  Indeed, without them we would never have achieved anything.  But most of all, without the grace of God in our lives, we could never write in the first place.  

So if a friend of yours is excited to know you because you are famous, give that friend a hug and say, “Thanks, but making Jesus Christ famous is all I really care about.”


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