Monday, Jul 30, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Making Time to Write

Years ago when I was struggling with my overwhelming schedule, I told God I simply could not do everything. Expecting some sympathy from God, I was surprised when He lovingly gave me this reply: “MaryAnn, you always have enough time to do what I have called you to do.” 

WOW!  Since God is never wrong, I came to two possible conclusions: 

1) I was disorganized or

2) I was involved in some good activities that God had not called me to do. 

In my case, it was the latter. I was involved in several church ministries to which God had not called me.  Moreover, I was robbing those who were called to those ministries from doing what God had called them to do. 

So I resigned from those activities in order to pursue what God had called me to do, and that was to write. Once I eliminated those activities to which I was not called, I had time to devote to the writing ministry to which I was called. 

What about you? Are you struggling with making time to write? If so, is there something you can eliminate from your life in order to write?


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4 thoughts on “Monday Makeover (Attitude): Making Time to Write

  1. Dearest MaryAnn; God is never wrong, and He has inspired your wonderful productivity. I write far more now than in the past, when I would constantly drone on about wanting to write; however, my style has changed from fiction to commentary, from my favorite genre of suspense to loosely contained memoirs. I run into my snags by never quite finishing due to other responsibilities, but like you, I will leave it in God’s Hands.

    July 30, 2012 8:17 PM

    • Thanks very much for your insightful comments, Skye! Commentary and memoirs are wonderful genres and uniquely lend themselves to touching lives in a powerful way. Many blessings to you as you write.


      July 31, 2012 9:17 AM

  2. Was just praying about this yesterday. I need a better balance with my time and commitments and such. Trusting for the wisdom to order things correctly. Thanks for this “timely” post! 🙂


    July 31, 2012 3:06 PM

    • You’re welcome, Karen. It’s a continual balancing act, isn’t it? You’re right that we need God’s wisdom to order our lives according to His will.

      As always, thanks for your comments.



      July 31, 2012 4:36 PM