Wednesday, Aug 08, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Collaborative Promotion

This morning I attended the bi–weekly breakfast of the Kingdom Chamber of Commerce, a Christian business organization to which I belong.  In addition to wonderful fellowship with brothers and sisters in Christ, teachings on God’s principles for building and running a business, and good food, a main purpose of this breakfast is to let others know about our businesses so that we can help one another to grow and influence the marketplace for Jesus Christ. The entire process is called networking and is a well-used tool in the business world. 

Networking applies to fiction writers as well. As we publish our work, we can help one another by promoting their works in addition to our own or in collaboration with our own.  Here are some ways of doing so: 

1) Invite other authors to be guests on your blog.  You have an audience that other authors may not have.  Help spread the news about your fellow writers by introducing them to your circle of influence. 

2) Retweet announcements about new books by fellow authors. Again, your Twitter followers are likely not the same people who follow other authors. By retweeting information on new books by fellow authors, you are enlarging their borders of influence. 

3) Collaborate with other authors in promoting your book. I am doing this now by participating in the creation of a shared promotional postcard that features not only my upcoming book but the books of several other authors who are part of the Christmas Book Extravaganza to be released by our common publisher, The Pelican Book Group, this fall. I am also re-posting an article written by one author from our group about the other authors in our group.  You may read this article at the following link to get an idea of what I mean: 

In Philippians 2:3, we read the following: “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves.”  By collaborating with fellow authors in our promotion efforts, we are obeying this command and honoring Jesus Christ. When all is said and done, He alone deserves all the glory!  

Do you network with other authors? If so, how do you engage in collaborative promotion?


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One thought on “Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Collaborative Promotion

  1. MaryAnn: networking and collaboration in the writing world appear to be celebrated singularly and not in humility and generosity; however, your deep belief in God’s Will really touches an inner core; Acts of Mercy towards one another is what Our Father expects of all. Faith by actions is the way to openly obey God. I have not been published, as yet; however, I will take this advice to heart.

    August 8, 2012 8:14 PM