Wednesday, Aug 15, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Creating a Writing Business Plan

All successful businesses have a business plan. If you are a selling writer, you are a businessperson. As such, you need a business plan.

What is a business plan? It is a map of where you intend to take your business in terms of growth and influence. A business plan contains the following three key elements:

• Your vision for your business. This is the picture you have within of what you want your business to look like. You could call it the WHAT of your business.

• Your mission for your business. This is the purpose for your business. You could call it the WHY for your business.

• Your goals for your business. This includes the STEPS you will take to fulfill your vision and your mission for your business.

While there are other things to consider in creating your writing business plan, if you keep these three things in mind, you will be well on your way to building a successful business. 

Do you have a business plan? If so, what other elements did you include in it and why?


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4 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Creating a Writing Business Plan

  1. MaryAnn, this is a very wise and pragmatic paradigm, and frankly, it made me stop and think. I must admit that I have never considered the business aspect of writing, other than professional editing, professional blogging,and professional services for other writers, but now, this forces me to consider the business aspects of my creativity. Thank you for putting this idea out there.

    August 15, 2012 8:09 PM

    • Thanks for your comments, dear Skye. Most writers don’t think of developing a business plan because we tend to think we are artists and not business people. I’m glad my post helped you to consider an aspect of your creativity that will enable you to touch many more lives with the love of Christ.



      August 15, 2012 8:55 PM

  2. When I was writing my business plan, I managed to keep it smooth and reasonable. In a more specific way, I included the market analysis, financial projections roles of management and organization to achieve the company goals.

    Parris Moretti

    November 20, 2012 7:18 AM