Monday, Sep 03, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): The Curse of Complaining

One of the most destructive forces in life and in your writing career is complaining. When it comes to attitude, there are two kinds of writers: the encouragers and the complainers. Which one are you? If you don’t know, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

1) Do you always find fault with your editor, your agent, fellow writers, or the publishing process itself? 

2) Do you have unrealistic expectations that are leaving you feeling disappointed and causing you to complain? 

3) Do you tend to see the negative side of life more readily than you see the positive side? 

4) Are you looking to others and/or to your writing to meet a need that only God can meet? 

5) Have you complained so much that it has become a habit? 

Complaining is like a cancer that can eat at your relationships and at your writing career. Complaining causes you to miss opportunities because your mind is darkened and doesn’t see them. Complaining repels the very people who can help you succeed. 

Complaining is a serious matter. God calls it “evil” (Numbers 13:32). Complaining kept the Israelites from entering the Promised Land. Don’t let complaining prevent you from entering your Promised Land of writing success. 

Are you a complainer? Do you want to change?  If so, you can. What will you do to stop complaining? What have you done to stop complaining? How can you help a complainer overcome her complaining?


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