Wednesday, Sep 05, 2012

Wednesday Wisdom: Building Your Platform

The buzz in writing circles today is all about platform-building for writing success. 

Building a platform simply means building a presence so that readers become aware of you and your work. 

So, how do you build a platform? Where do you start?  Here are some ways I’ve built a platform that continues to grow: 

          1.  Target your readership.  Knowing your audience is not only important when writing fiction, but it is also important when building your platform.  Why market your novels to people who are not interested in reading them?     

      2.  Choose those venues of social media that will reach your targeted audience. For example, an author of business books would do better to develop a presence on LinkedIn than on Facebook because LinkedIn is geared to professionals interested in business networking.      

      3. Interact with those on your chosen social media venues.  People love to be acknowledged. When you relate directly with your targeted audience, you are building relationships, and relationships build careers.   

Platform-building can be a great way not only to build an Internet presence, but it can also be a wonderful way to build life-long friendships.
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