Wednesday, Sep 26, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Practicing Patience

I know of no other profession in which results are often so long in coming as the writing profession. From the time a writer submits a manuscript to the time that manuscript is published, sometimes two to three years can elapse. Of course, this is changing with the e-publishing rage, but traditional publishing still takes anywhere from one to three years as a rule before a book is placed on the bookstore shelf. 

So what is a writer to do?  

First of all, accept the fact that if you want to go the traditional route of publishing, it will take time. Use that time not to fret but to fuel your writing career. The best way to fuel your writing career is to keep writing. You never know when an editor or agent will accept your work and ask if you have other completed manuscripts. When you can say yes, you’ve saved yourself time and made a good impression.

Waiting is no fun unless you make it fun. Instead of worrying about what is happening with your submitted manuscripts, focus on becoming a better writer. While you are waiting, become a learner. Enjoy the wait time. You may wish you were still in the waiting game when the demands of a published book encroach upon your life. (Smile!)

So, take one day at a time and enjoy every day as you wait.


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