Monday, Nov 12, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Change

Most people don’t like change, although I am one of those people who welcomes change most of the time.  Whether or not we like change depends on how we look at it. When we view change as an opportunity for growth, then change becomes our friend and not our enemy.  

If you are in a season of change, consider these points: 

1) Look for the opportunity in the change. One of my favorite life quotes is this: In every adversity lies the seed of an equal or greater benefit.  Look for the seed of benefit in your change. 

2) Ask yourself how you can grow from the change. Can you become more patient, more compassionate, or more influential because of the change?  Will the change show you things about yourself that you need to overcome? 

3) Look to the future instead of the past. Sometimes when we face change, we are tempted to look back to the place where we were comfortable. Resist that urge to look back. Instead, be thankful for the past, but look to the future. And while you’re in the midst of the change, live in the present. 

Speaking of change, The Write Power Blog is undergoing a change of location.  As of January 1, 2013, this blog will officially be moving to its new address on my website: Until then, I will continue to post at this current site while making the transition to the new site. As of January 1, 2013, all posts will be at the new location. 

What changes are you undergoing?  How are you handling them? 

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