Monday, Nov 19, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Great News!

Well, the day has finally arrived. Boxes of my new novella, A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING, were delivered to my door.  The shipment took only a few days to arrive, but the shipment also took years to arrive. 

Yes, years.  Years of praying, years of learning how to write fiction, years of earning the MFA degree in fiction writing, years of attending writers’ conferences and workshops, years of working with writing mentors, years of reading fiction, years of reading books on fiction writing, years of persevering, years of rejections, years of patience, and years of trusting God to fulfill the dream He gave me years ago of writing stories for Him. 

The writing life is a difficult life, but I would have it no other way.  The bigger the price one pays for one’s dream, the more one appreciates the fulfillment of that dream. 

As Thanksgiving Day approaches, I want to thank my God for His faithfulness. I want to thank my husband and my children for their loving support. I want to thank all of my writer friends for their wisdom, encouragement, and knowledge shared.  I want to thank my agent, Terry Burns, of Hartline Literary Agency for believing in me.  I want to thank my editors, Nicola Martinez and Fay Lamb of Harbourlight Books (The Pelican Book Group), for their outstanding expertise.  And I want to thank all of you who share the writing dream with me.  May our Lord sustain you and encourage you along the way.  And may you never, ever, ever give up! 

Happy Thanksgiving Day! 


P.S.  Click here to view my book trailer for A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING

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