Monday, Dec 10, 2012

Marketing Your Fiction Writing

Let’s face it. We writers want to see our stories in print. While some of us may write fiction as therapy, most of us would like our stories to come to publication.  Not to have our stories published is like being pregnant without delivering the baby.  Not a very comfortable situation! 🙂 

So how do we go about getting our fiction published? Here are a few points to consider: 

1) Writers’ Market is still an excellent source for markets. But now you can subscribe online and use their online search function. For more information, go to 

2) Writers’ magazines, like The Writer and Writer’s Digest, provide periodic market lists in various genres.  A subscription to one or both of these magazines is worth its weight in gold.  Numerous other writers’ magazines are published for various genres, like romance, children’s writing, and fantasy. Check these out and subscribe to those that interest you. 

3) Online newsletters abound for a variety of writing genres. Just google your area of writing interest, and you’ll find dozens of newsletters with market listings. 

Today, finding markets is easier than ever. When I first started writing, I used hard copies of Writers’ Market and other market guides. Today, with the Internet, I can find hundreds of markets online together with guidelines. 

To help get you started in marketing your writing, check out these sites:

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