Monday, Dec 31, 2012

Monday Makeover (Attitude): Bringing in the New

Are you ready for a new year?  Are you ready for something new in your writing life?  If you’re like me, you sense the exhilaration of a clean page, a fresh start, a renewed hope.

But welcoming the new has its downside.  That downside is called CHANGE.  While most of us like the new, most of us don’t like change.  Yet NEW and CHANGE usually go hand in hand.

NEW also implies ACTION.  The new doesn’t usually happen without some action on our part.  So what would you like to be NEW in your writing life in 2013?  Publication?  Better craft?  Improved promotional techniques?

Whatever NEW you would like in your writing life, you will need to prepare for it.  Here are some proven tips that will assist you in that preparation:

1) Pray for God’s WILL to prevail in your writing life.

2) Pray for God’s WISDOM to prevail in your writing life.

3) Pray for God’s PATIENCE to prevail in your writing life.

4) Commit to PUT GOD FIRST in your writing life.

5) Commit to SEEK HIS DIRECTION before undertaking a writing project.

Our Lord has graciously given us a new year to fulfill His purpose in the earth.  May we be found faithful!

Happy New Year!
Copyright 2012 by MaryAnn Diorio, PhD. All Rights Reserved.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Makeover (Attitude): Bringing in the New

  1. Happy New Year, dear MaryAnn! I love your words of wisdom, as they certainly put into perspective how much we depend on God in all ways and all things. I will now resolve to ask God’s blessing in all my writing endeavors as frequently as I ask Him to be in all other facets of my life.