Wednesday, Jan 02, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Do I Need a PR Firm?

Litfuse Publicity blogger badgeIn this world of increasing need for book promotion, an author can feel 
overwhelmed.  Such was
my feeling when my latest book, A CHRISTMAS HOMECOMING, released in early December.
  So I took the plunge and hired a PR firm to help me with the launch.  And I am so glad I did!

After researching several PR firms, I opted for the LitFuse Publicity Group. It came highly recommended by some well-respected authors whose opinion I greatly valued. Their advice proved to be some of the best advice I’ve taken in my writing career.

Why hire a PR firm?  Here are a few reasons that worked for me:

1) I needed people who knew what they were doing when it came to promotion.        

2)  I needed people with experience and connections in the industry.

3) I needed people who offered services at a rate I could afford.

LitFuse met all of these criteria and then some.  I cannot speak highly enough of them.  In fact, I was so pleased with what they did for me and for my book that I plan on hiring them to assist me further in the building of my author platform.

If you’re looking for a great PR firm to help you promote your writing, you can count on LitFuse to do a great job for you!


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