Wednesday, Jan 16, 2013

Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Trendy Trends

trendsThere are trends, and then there are trendy trends. What is the difference?

A trend can be a solid prediction about the future, a prediction based on proven facts.  For this reason, a trend can be projected with some accuracy.  For instance, publishers can predict fairly well that e-book publishing will increase and become more popular. 

A trendy trend, on the other hand, is usually a gamble.  It is a prediction based on unsubstantiated information that could be nothing more than a whim.  For example, Chick Lit was, in my opinion, a trendy trend. It was based somewhat on the assumption that readers would ensconce this genre solidly into their reading hall of fame and return to it again and again.  Time, however, has shown that Chick Lit had a relatively short life span.

While it is good to study trends, it is more important to write what Holy Spirit places on your heart to write. He alone knows the outcome of trends. He alone knows who will need to read your story and when.

As we follow the only solid Trend-Maker, we can be sure that what we write will be just what our readers need to read.

What do you think about trends? Do you put much weight on them? Do you follow them? Have you found them useful in planning what to write?

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wisdom (Business): Trendy Trends

  1. I love your advise to write what the Holy Spirit tells us to write. God is THE ultimate trend setter. He has a plan for each story He gives us. Our mission, if we care to accept it, is to write that story and see where it leads us.
    Keep up the good word, MaryAnn

  2. How perfect! I agree that we must rely on the Holy Spirit to set the trend and keep us on course. Chick Lit was one of many attempts that did not last, and there are also trends in mystery novels that come and go. Thank you for this important reminder.