Wednesday, Jan 30, 2013

Wednesday (Business): Why Free E-Books?

A major practice in the digital publishing industry is the giving away of free e-books as a means of promotion.  Authors have inquired about this practice, wondering if it is effective and beneficial to their bottom-line.

Let’s look at a few good reasons for giving away your e-book, at least for a clearly defined period of time:

–Giving away your e-book will help get your name out there, especially if you are a new author.  Not only will readers get to know you as an author, but they will get to know you as a generous author. 

–Giving away your e-book is a great way to promote an idea you believe in.  Most authors care more about ideas than about money.  When you give away your e-book for a limited number of time, the idea you believe in can go viral.

–Giving away your e-book will promote later sales.  Once the word gets out about your book, those who did not purchase it during the “free giveaway” period will want to purchase it because of the buzz your e-book has generated.

If you’d like to give away your e-book for a limited time, you can do so through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).  

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